Task 3 notes

Audience – what does the media want to know
Demographics – facts
Psychographics – IAO’s – personality, tastes, activities
AI – Audience Appreciation Index

Used to find out the level of apprreciation by viewers for programmes. If a television programme has not performed brilliantly in the ratings, but achieves a high AI, it can help to decide whether it should be recommissioned.

Doctor Who (last series) AI:
– The Eleventh Hour 86%
– The Beast Below 86%
– Victory of the Daleks 84%

AI + effectiveness
Means of media consumption
How media is consumed – very important – advertising
when, where, who with

What are the problems with segmenting an audience by class?

Demographic profiling involves filtering or identifying people by factors

Psychographic profiling – defines the audience by interests, attitudes and opinions (IAOs) and also lifestlye
– marketers claim to better understand customers and “how they think”
– are they a technology early adaptor?
– do they like to work with their hands?
– Do they view themselves as a “trendsetter”?

2 views of the same person:
– demographics – female, age 31, single, C1, atheist, heterosexual, post graduate degree educated

– psychographics – early adopter of technology, doesn’t see herself as a trensetter, doesn’t like manual work, likes art, culture, travel

Demographics – marketing
Psychographics – when making a media product


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