Task 4 – Media research companies

Nielsen – Practices & Measurement
Nielsen sets itself out to help media companies by offering Marketing aid and research services. The practises offered by Nielsen mostly involve helping companies to manage and market their products most effectively. This is supported with information on the structure of the Market in which a company hopes to promote its product, as well as Social Media intelligence, which analyses the opinions expressed by potential consumers on social media sites. For example, Nielsen’s key practice, Advertising Effectiveness, involve Nielsen measuring advertising effectiveness across numerous media technologies, such as TV and internet. These measurements are intended to give a company clear results as to how well their advertising campaign is performing and why. Nielsen then calculates certain solutions through particular research, such as: determining which audience groups are seeing the adverts, comparing the add effectiveness between the company’s competitors, improving the marketing strategy and measuring how memorable an advert or brand is by analysing purchase figures.
Nielsen even goes as far as Consumer Neuroscience, research which involves the study of how the human brain and nervous system affect a consumer’s subconscious response to brands, products and advertising. Nielsen, which claims to have expertise in consumer neuroscience,  analyses the brainwave activity of volunteers and uses their brain-wave movements as well as eye-tracking to record individual reactions to specific aspects of an advert, brand or product. The information gathered is given to clients in marketing and advertising to help them determine the success of their products and advertisements.

Nielsen, as a very successful and lucrative company, is evidence of the utter importance of advertising research for media companies. So much detail is put into researching and measuring the responses, both psychically and mentally, of potential customers and their receptions of marketing so that Advertisers can make quick and effective changes which will thus, help to improve a product’s potential sale. Without the research gathered by companies like Nielsen, advertisers would realise the success of their marketing campaigns without knowing the reasons why for that success or lack of success. The information learnt, in regards to success, whilst allowing the advertisers to make immediate changes, would also affect that company’s marketing campaigns in the future, as they’ll know what to and what not to include in the future. There are also no prices to be found on the website. This is likely because clients are encouraged to use the client log in. This itself suggests that the prices themselves are quite large and so necessarily have been kept unavailable for purchase by an individual on the internet.


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